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How can you pay for MoonDL services from any country?
August 13th, 2022

Hello! This article is about how to buy a premium tariff on MoonDL. There are two Premium Moon and Premium Full Moon rates. You can read more about them on the page https://moondl.com/premium/

This article is about payment methods. How to pay favorably?

MoonDL is visited by people from all over the world. And there is probably no single payment method for everyone, stop, but there is: Crypto.

Yes, Cryptocurrencies. They are available in all countries.

It can be Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT or etc. You can pay on MoonDL using them.

All you need is to check in at blockchain.com.

It's a perfect time to understand how to use Cryptocurrencies. After that you will be able to buy a premium account at MoonDL.com without any commission. And also, you will understand forever how Cryptocurrencies work.

So, sign up at blockchain.com. (Go through all the steps).

After the registration, you have already almost all the wallets. You have to choose which currency to buy. At MoonDL, you can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or USDT.

Buy the Cryptocurrency and it's ready. Now we can use Cryptocurrency in an easy way. Let's understand how to pay for a premium account on MoonDL:

1. Choose a tariff

2. Choose a payment method (I choose Litecoin)

Image 1. Choice of crypto

Image 2. Payment Page

3. From Blockchain choose Crypto LTC, and then click to send to the address. Insert the address from place (1) and the amount from place (2) - Image 2.

4. Send the payment. Please pay attention to the fact that the amount of payment must be exactly the same as on the payment page.

5. Wait for 3 minutes, the page will automatically update. And you will see the screen of the successful payment.